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Welcome to GATE! 


In addition to providing services for students in their regular classroom, Maxwell offers an exciting after school enrichment program for GATE students. The Gifted and Talented (GATE) Program at Maxwell provides services for those exceptional students who function in the top 5% of the student body and/or demonstrate high achievement levels beyond those of their grade level. During our after school program we provide students with inquiry-based, hands on experiences covering topics in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Social Studies, Art History, and Performing Arts. We also focus on leadership skills, teamwork, and collaboration.

Last year, students in the GATE program participated in the district wide Contraption Contest by entering 2 student designed and built Chain Reaction Rube Goldberg machines. Maxwell GATE students also wrote, directed, and performed a play about Water Conservation, after learning about concepts related to The Water Cycle, and communities in need of clean water.

As students continue to grow in our GATE program, we encourage them to become leaders in a global society and economy by utilizing 21st century skills (critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity) to solve complex problems across all content areas.